Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Summary of Summer

Before summer touched the shores of the island, I had my plans perfectly laid out. It wasn't extravagant and ambitious. I only wanted to try something other than beaching like trekking, perhaps. And since we only got 2 more weeks left of the summer sun, I thought I'd tell you how did my summer went. ;)

For weeks and weeks in the month of March, I was endlessly thinking about how do I get around enjoying the sun season. For one thing, there's the matter of expenses and since I am but a student, I was worried I would end up in the four corners of my room. Unexpectedly, I pulled a few strings and get on on the first summer escape. yay! 

Osmeña Peak

 The kind of adventure I was telling you about, yes that's exactly it. I have seen posts from my friends on Facebook about how they enjoyed the place as much as I did. I would, however, suggest dawn break as the best time to climb. Nature will give you an impressive show of beauty you will surely never forget. 

Pado Dive Camp Resort

I have been to this place many times before, it was always a good one but sunset dipping was quite another. I rarely go out in the water at sun down. I think it was scary that you just didn't know what's out there. That time, what's out there was a beautiful sunset, fresh sea breeze and inviting waves. I can't help but play with them. :D

Santiago, Camotes Island

My luck went too far this time. This wasn't at all in my bucket list. Well, not for not wanting but I thought this was far-fetched. But I really did set foot in Camotes, the island of virgin waters! It was an overwhelming feeling, I tell you. The island was pretty diverse and almost untouched. We traveled for almost an hour but I didn't see a single building or commercial establishment, except for resorts, that is. What's in there was nature at its purest. 

Kadaugan sa Mactan

What better way to wrap up summer than throwing a huge party?! This annual celebration commemorates the victory of the islanders from the Spanish invaders decades ago. People from different parts of the island meet in a 3-day street party! This year was better than last and I am already excited for the next! :D

From a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your summer? Definitely a 10! ;)
Share your summer experience and make me envy. Hahaha

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Just a tad unhappy

1:34 am.
You're still awake.  You should've gone to bed hours ago to rest your head so you can feel better in the morning. But you can't sleep yet not when you so clearly feel all the emotions going around in circles and pulling you to a saddened state. 

The events of the past days must've taken its toll on you. I know you're trying to ignore how bothered you feel because you are not talking to your sister. You don't know whether to go on ignoring her or to confront her for what you think she's thinking about you. That's not you, though. So you stay quite, as usual. 

One by one, the emotions inside you is taking turn unfolding giving you the worst feeling. Why do you feel so useless? Maybe because you know without anyone telling you that you are stalling on life. You gain courage as easily as you lose them. Everyone's telling you how great you are and compliments you with what you can do but you don't hear them, do you? You think so lowly of yourself that you refuse to see those were actually true. You didn't let yourself decide which path to take while you're on the crossroad. You let someone else do that for you. Pathetic. 

Frustrated. Because your wings are clipped. You want to do something more but life limits what you can only do and it upsets you too much. Tears. You shed too much of them already. You did what you have to but it won't leave you, no. If you could only..

Pity. You see how your friends get on with their lives. They get married, get pregnant, have a family.  You wonder why you can't do the same. There were those guys who wanted you but you're the ever hopeless romantic girl who believes of Knight in Shining Armor. There's nothing wrong with that, is there? 

Hush now. It's going to be morning soon. Well, technically it already is. You see when the sun rises, it marks a new beginning. A chance laid out for you. You only have to grab it, if you're brave enough.
And you are.

I'm saying it now..

I sometimes don't get it. How you could even say to get on with my life like we are in the same position. You don't know how I'm trying to be alright. You don't know how much I wanted to do things I cannot. You don't know how I long to really live my life. As much as I need your encouragements to remind me that there is more I can do, I also want you to be the sensitive person for once, to tell me how you understand how I feel. I would probably lash out in tears but it will be a good to know that you know I am not as strong as you are. Then, we will be in the same page. 

Monday, 13 April 2015

Osmeña Peak Trek Adventure

Eight of my friends set off to conquer Osmeña Peak, the highest point in the elevated province of Dalaguete. The picturesque, breathtaking Highlands has become famous for it's mountain ranges and has been trending on social media. We have to see for ourselves if there's any truth in this claim and so we put on our trekking outfits and leave home for an adventure to the Wild.

The original plan was to depart at dawn break on Sunday but after a good discussion and combined inputs, we decided it is wise to leave Saturday afternoon. My good friend, Ate Lou was kind enough to let us stay overnight at their ancestral house in Carcar. We couldn't be any happier! :D

April 11. Satuday, 6pm. 
We took a ferry boat ride from Mactan island to Pier 3. We paid 15 for the regular fare and terminal fee. If you are from the island, you might want to take this great alternative to avoid traffic and of course, shorten the travel.  

Stopover at Emall. We spent a good 30 minutes to pick up everything we needed for the trek. By 8 o'clock we were already on board and comfortably seated for our trip to Carcar. They collected 35 pesos for each person for the fare. I rarely travel South so I was really excited for this new experience! :D

In this picture (L to R): Ate Lou, myself, my sister Jheine and Gab.

The trip took almost 2 hours including the short walk to Ate Lou's place. Everyone was exhausted but it was overshadowed by the torrent of excitement for tomorrow's adventure. Yay!

April 12, Sunday 4:00 am.
Everyone hardly got any sleep, I can tell but no one complained. We departed before the world stirs to wakefulness. We got into the first bus that would take us to Dalaguete for 60 pesos. The ride seemed to take years! I was close to drowsing off and forgetting the world when the bus pulled to a stop and the driver announced that we were already at our destination. Finally!!

The instance we got off the bus, we were mobbed by a group of "habal-habal" drivers trying to take us to jump-off point. For those who didn't know, habal-habal is a term used locally for hired motorbikes used to take people to places especially in the mountain. It is very common in provinces. 

The rest of the gang: (L-R) Jheine, Kent, Gab, Myself, Jacky

The rest of the gang: (L-R) Will, Jheine, Kent, Gab, Lou, Jacky

We didn't waste any more time. Habal-habal can take 2-3 passengers each for 100 pesos per person so I rode with my sister Jheine, Will with Kent, Gab, Jacky and Andi (not in the picture) and Ate Lou and Marc ( not in the picture). The uphill ride was totally amazing. The views were so scenic, I thought it couldn't be real. The mountain fog was still hanging low and I can feel my eyes water from it's coolness. We passed on narrow roads just beside the mountain table and on our left was a cliff! The hazy atmosphere added to the dreamlike picture of the sleeping wilderness. I have to breathe in and close my eyes. It's not enough to capture this magnificent in photo, I need to safely keep it in memory. 

Thanks to kuya driver for letting us delay the ride. :D
Foggy morning in Mantalungon, Dalaguete.

Jump-off point. We arrived after 30 minutes of stop and start. This is where we begin to literally climb on foot. It was a surprise to see quite a lot of trekkers like us. Before we're allowed to climb, we need to get our names listed. I have no idea what was it for, probably it was just a record of visitors. Surprisingly, no one collected an entrance fee but we were asked to take a guide, we agreed, of course! 

Jump-off point with the fog  waving hello in the background.

We began to climb at slow pace, adjusting ourselves to the rough course that's leading us uphill. There is no paved roads this time, the rocks were sharp on its edges I am certain it could slice through our skin with just a brush if we were careless. Our guide, a little child not more than 10, told us that it would only take us 30 minutes to get to the peak if we were to match his pace, which I have to say was rather fast. Well, it will be an insult to nature to not capture its beauty.  And so we took our own sweet time bonding with the sleeping wilderness. Can you blame us for taking clicking the shutter everytime?

Can you tell how cold we were in this picture? 

The guide warned us to keep up as the fog was rolling in and will  prevent us from seeing the path. We moved up and reached the peak of the mountain just in time for the fog to closed in. Now we're stranded.  

The complete cast. 

Fearless Jacky on top of the rock.

After waiting for several moment, the fog cleared up leaving us truly astounded and completely stunned. It was the prettiest thing I have seen in all my life. The rocks competed with each other with its immense height and rugged features. Its imposing formation speaks of arrogance and proud beauty of the Southern highlands.

For all nature lover like myself, I would very much recommend for you to take a chance to get out of the city or the beach and consider making your way up to Osmeña Peak. You'll never be disappointed. 

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Today is where your book begins, the rest is still unwritten.

It's difficult to find words describing the amazing feeling of reaching the peak of the highest point of the South. I expected a fairly hard and challenging ascent just because everyone said it will be.  But then, no one can accurately tell a story. The best you could do is to take the trail with your heart and your head and knowing that whatever choices you'll make at each rocky step, at each crossroad is entirely yours.  Life can lead us to either paved path or uncharted water. Be safe or be sorry. Life is an adventure so take a fall with your eyes closed and arms wide open.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

If You Ever Fall in Love

I have no doubt of the happiness love can bring to a person. And I am in complete agreement with everyone who thinks falling in love brings out the best in ourselves. How do I know this? As cliche as it may sound, this is what I hope love will be.

I stumbled upon this page and I thought this probably sums up all the wistful thinking desperate to be voiced.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Failed attempt at Love

"Why are you still single?" This question has an insulting undertone, if you'll ask me( It's like asking, What is wrong with you? You're probably a witch or something hahaha). And yes, I have been asked the very same impertinent question countless times. So I decided I can discuss my issues ,or the lack of it, in this blog. Forgive me if this will sound like whining or whatever! I'm gonna do it, anyway. :P :P

So I'm 26 and never did I have a relationship that lasted longer than four months. The first time I allowed the guy to get lucky (me as his girlfriend? oh yes! hahaha ) was when I was 18. It didn't involve the emotion called love, though. It was more of friends-all- have-boyfriends-I-want-to-get-one-myself kind of thing. Because I wasn't the kind of girl to get easily comfortable around guys, I have actually anticipated the break-up. And so we did, not because of my doing but because he cheated, or so I've heard. On a hindsight, I wasn't really sure if there is any truth in the matter but it was done, I'm free again. I can tell that Robbie wanted to keep the relationship so he tried to reason out with me. Explaining himself to no avail, I, unforgivingly, ignored his efforts. It was a horrible feeling.:'( 

So I made myself a deal. I have to, at least like the guy on a closer to falling-in-love level.   It wasn't until after 4 or so years that I found the guy. I kept my end of the deal, I liked him. I expected to fall head over heals, dive in head first for this guy but it didn't happen. Four months is long enough to know that this will not go the way I wanted it to be. I ended it. 

I was almost convinced there is something utterly wrong with me. Why do I seem to be incapable of this emotion? I have dreamed of being with someone, completely loved and enjoying the feeling like basking in the summer sun. Some would say, it was because I set a very high standard. Believe me, there wasn't any. Of course there are list of things I'd like the guy to be but that doesn't mean it has to be followed. It would be the height of foolishness to love a guy because of what he is or what he has (screams the romantic side of me).  

Anyhow, I'm not losing hope and I have discarded that stupid notion that something is amiss. I simply did not find the right guy. He might be on his way or lost somewhere in the crowd of pretty faces. He will find me soon, or sooner.